A blend of chelated calcium with essential co-factors
(magnesium, boron, phosphorous and Vit D) to ensure efficient absorption.

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Merlot & Zephyr
ProvideIt foal Zephyr just minutes after birth - strong & healthy thanks to XtraCal fed throughout fetal devlopment.

Horses in any of the following categories require extra calcium in their diet:

  • Broodmares
  • Growing youngsters
  • When grazing oxalate grasses
  • On high grain or bran/pollard feeds
  • Intense work
  • Pregnant mares to build the skeleton (and other tissues) of the unborn foal
  • Lactating mares especially until the foal is about 3 months old. Young foals take virtually all their nutrition from their mother's milk. Therefore if Mum doesn't receive enough calcium from her diet for the needs of the growing foal it is dragged out of her own bones. This is detrimental to her long term health and means the foal may not get all he requires to be strong and healthy, may not grow to his full height and may develop DOD (Developmental Orthopedic Diseases)
  • Horses that are working hard lose calcium in their sweat and suffer a lot of 'wear and tear'. Additional calcium is required for repairs.
  • Oxalates present in warm season grasses, bind up the calcium making it unavailable to the horse. The organic calcium in XtraCal is already bound so cannot be ‘stolen’ by oxalates and is therefore available to the horse. Read “Living With Oxalate Grasses
  • Grains and bran/pollard have a skewed Ca:P ratio. Very little calcium compared to phosphorous. This can lead to the same health problems as those caused by oxalate grasses.

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8kg bag
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Adding Calcium

Zephyr pictured as a foal left - age 3 - XtraCal has been fed throughout his life along with Premium NZ Hrse Minerals (Supreme Vit&Min is the Australian equivilent)

Just adding calcium on its own or just calcium with phosphorous is not the right thing to do.

In fact it is a big mistake!  Calcium needs assistance from other vitamins and minerals (known as co-factors) in order to be deposited in the bone matrix and perform it’s many other bodily functions.
Read Everything you need to know about Calcium Absorption.

Without the necessary co-factors calcium will instead be deposited in soft tissue leading to hardening or narrowing of the arteries, kidney stones or sub-cutaneous hard lumps (Calcinosis).

The necessary co-factors include : magnesium, boron, phosphorous, Vit D, copper, sodium and Vit A.
If there is not sufficient calcium or any of these vital co-factors present in the diet then the Parathyroid gland produces Parathyroid Hormone which instructs the bones to release calcium into the bloodstream to cover the shortfall.

If there is insufficient magnesium available then calcitonin, the hormone responsible for depositing calcium in the bones, is not produced. Then it doesn’t matter how much calcium is fed in the diet it cannot reach the bones anyway and is liable to be deposited into soft tissue.

Turning Good Horses into Great Horses!

"There is a term used in high performance athletes called 'flow'. Flow is that feeling when everything just goes right. You feel like you can do anything, better, faster, stronger, hit that basket, score that goal.

This is the same feeling I'm trying to reproduce in my horses, when they get in the ring, especially in that killer practice session before the show. 
For them to come through the in-gate and just feel bulletproof!

It has now become obvious to me that to be in 'flow' physically requires LOTS OF NUTRIENTS. That's why I base my feeding program around Calm Healthy Horses SUPREME VIT & MIN and XTRACAL. They are simply High Quality Nutrients that I have found I can rely on to fuel my horses. Their minds are clear, their muscles are strong and they come 'in bloom' twice as much compared to ‘before’ ProvideIt.

Calm Healthy Horses might be founded on the basis of 'grass-affected horses'; ie making a 'bad horse' into a 'good horse', but it is no accident that the same principles stand strong when making a 'good horse' a 'great horse'." 
Ben Blay NSW


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