Alleviate Australia (Nil swab)Alleviate

A blend of the most absorbable and effective forms of magnesium with their essential co-factor: boron.

Stress:  A lack of magnesium will cause a horse to exhibit signs of stress at a far lower threshold than one who is not lacking magnesium. Magnesium helps to relax nerves & muscles.

For Performance and Race-Horses Alleviate, by releasing and dilating, promotes superior nerve, muscle, respiratory and circulatory function allowing maximum oxygen delivery to tissues.
It needs to be understood that we are not using magnesium to make the horse better than normal, merely to ensure he is normal, can cope with domestic life and perform to his full genetic potential. It certainly isn’t normal for a horse to be tight, tense and anxious. Tense muscles cannot perform and will produce a shorter stride and less fluid movement.

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How to Use Alleviate

Double the dose the night before and morning of any event or competition, before their first trailer ride, before the dentist or vet comes. It will work very quickly, within an hour or two. 

  • For ease of handling of youngsters and horses being sent away to be started (broken in)
  • Reduces anxiety on race day
  • Helps harness horses settle for standing starts
  • For hunting or trekking
  • Suitable for pregnant mares and other livestock

Alleviate is most effective when used in conjunction with our other feeding recommendations which include the feeding of salt to horses on any pasture and Supreme Vit & Min

Calm Healthy Horses Feeding Principles (for those who don’t have large acreages!)
  1. Priority: Keep the hind-gut flora healthy by supplementing plenty of fibre in the form of hay, chaff, beet, hulls every day of the year. It is false economy not to do so.
  2. Don’t subject your horse to the nutrient fluctuations of comparatively short pasture grass. Allow your horse access to grass only when it is suitable. You will get to know what suits your horse on your property.
  3. Feed plain feeds which are more economical (beets, chaffs, oats, soy hulls) and add top quality vitamins and minerals as in Supreme Vit & Min to avoid deficiencies of any essential nutrients.
  4. Add salt to feed at a rate of 10gms per 100kgs live-weight.
  5. Linseed meal or flakes are good for protein and linseed oil is great for Omega 3’s. (Vegetable oils are higher in Omega 6’s which are pro-inflammatory)
  6. Add plain oats for more energy according to workload.
  7. Use barley, rice and coconut oil for weight gain and top-line. Milrun (bran/pollard) can be used too so long as you also feed Xtra Cal to address the calcium imbalance.

      Copra is good for weight-gain too but it is also high in protein

Prices & Ordering

350gm - AUS$55.50 inc GST + P&P
1kg - AUS$118.60 inc GST  + P&P

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