Tolly was a Head-Shaker!

We first heard from Karen when she enquired about an ‘all round’ product to cover spring grass issues to keep her ‘loopy horses’ calm and healthy.
One of Karen’s horses was beginning to head flick and the other had metabolic issues. The dietary advice is the same for both.
Karen kept us updated so you have an idea of how long it took to see results in her horse.

Unfortunately there is no ‘magic’ product that ‘does everything’ so we assessed her horses current diet and advised her to get some Premium NZ Horse Minerals, replace her ‘more-mag’ with AlleviateC SOS (the answer is not as simple as just adding magnesium), and also to use GrazeEzy.
We told her to feed salt in the feed and not to rely on ‘free choice’ which she had been doing.
Karen was feeding Tolly plenty of hay which was great.
We heard back from her after a week ...



‘First time lungeing tolly after 5 days of using your products.
For the first few minutes he was just as loopy as last week and I thought ‘this is no different’, but he calmed down a bit after that with better transitions and very little head tossing. So a definite improvement, not quite got Tolly back, but halfway there’.


‘I am amazed at the difference another 24 hours has made. 
No issues being lunged and back to his old self. 
He is on 2 scoops of SOS and 50gms of GrazeEzy twice a day. I am so so happy, I nearly cried. I cannot thank you enough.


Lunged Tolly tonight, no head tossing!


Just rode Tolly, a tiny bit of head toss in transition but other than that, I have got my Tolly back!


Had first ride out on a forest trek today, Tolly was fresh and there was a bit of head tossing on the way down but not for long. So lovely to get back on. Thanks again




Hi Jenny, I hope you had a lovely Christmas. Just a quick update on Tolly, I have taken him out for quite a few forest rides and no reaction to saddle, girth or hillwork!
I have my horse back all thanks to you! 
He is still on the dry lot and his hay is soaked twice daily and fed in the slow feeder hay nets. He is still on the basic feed and he now gets one third cup of GrazeEzy and one third cup of SOS per day in the evening feed.


Hi, we rode in the arena today, lovely paces unlike 2 months ago when he couldn't even trot! No head shaking at all!


Tolly is now working well, not hollow, now using his back, taking the contact and working well. So pleased!

24 Jan 2016

Tolly is still working beautifully!

26 Jan 2016

Here is a picture of Tolly working last night – I am so pleased with him!


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