Sceptics no More!Chris and Orin after the changes!

This is Chris’s story - she has so kindly taken the trouble to write for us. It is a great story because this is what happens to a LOT of people with their horses, they lose confidence because the horse is ‘not himself’ or does something scary.

Some people end up giving up riding altogether which is sad because a few simple diet changes may have made ALL the difference...






The Problem

I was having major problems with my 8 year old 3/4 TB 1/4 Connemara gelding, Orin. On a good day he was inattentive and slightly spooky, on a bad day he was very spooky, tense, tight and generally cranky!

Riding him was a battle and trying to compete on him was nothing short of disastrous! He was terrified of everything that moved and most things that didn’t. He would shy in the middle of dressage tests, buck or spin round and try to take off. I could always judge how bad it was by how loud the gasps were from anyone watching! Extremely unpleasant and, as I am not the bravest rider, it was really taking a toll on my confidence. Even when he was just tied up in the yard he couldn’t keep his feet still, he was always fidgeting.



The Solution

After speaking to Emma from ProvideIt, I started feeding AlleviateC and ToxDefy.

Emma suggested giving AlleviateC a try and after I said I had already tried it, she convinced me to give it a go again but this time take ‘Orin’ off the grass and feed him hay instead.

Our place is an old dairy farm so the grass is mostly rye and clover ("rocket fuel"!).

Despite being really sceptical, (my husband was ESPECIALLY sceptical), I decided to give it a go.

Considering I had tried practically every other calming formula on the market with little or no success, I didn’t have anything to lose.

The Result

To my amazement, within three weeks, he was a different horse, working calmly in his lessons and schooling. We started jumping again and I was even able to hack him out, something which, for the past 2 years, I was just too terrified to do.

This season we have competed in dressage, ribbon days an A & P Show and even had a go at some little Pony Club ODE's which I had never dreamed we would be able to do. He is still a bright and cheerful little chap but the spook has gone and he is so much easier to ride and nicer to have around, he is just so much calmer.

I know for sure it was the rye-grass that was affecting him because if I let him back on that grass his behaviour would immediately revert straight back to ‘bad’. So from now on there is no more rye-grass for this chap, I have sprayed off a couple of areas for him so he can move around the farm with his friends.

Long term I will be putting down some rotten rock so he will have a bigger mud free area in winter. If I could I would put a track system in place for him but our property does not lend itself to this easily. Even though we are spending more on hay, it is the difference to me between having a horse to ride or not!

As he does not need any of the grass I can have an extra beef cow to bring on and this pays for the extra hay and keeps the husband happy.

I can most definitely say that this management system along with AlleviateC, ToxDefy and Premium NZ Horse Minerals has without a doubt helped me to be able to enjoy my lovely horse.

Cheers, Chris. Auckland, NZ