About Grasspersil grass affected!

We discovered AlleviateC a few years ago when we were told to use a magnesium supplement to help our trotters who couldn't seem to settle enough to get on with the job!

One in particular had become somewhat 'unruly' and was breaking gait during the race. We found this product to have an excellent calming effect on these horses who immediately went on to place and win races.

Picture: Winning at the NZ Metropolitan Meeting on 07 AUG 2008





The other major benefit was in the spring when dung tended to be loose.

ToxDefy, given the night before would firm them up by next morning.

We found both trotters performed and behaved much better when on this product.

We continue to use AlleviateC on our horses today. For those that are racing, we find it very benefical to their performance.

Last month we took out first and second in the main trot of the night at Addington with Stringy Bark and Volare. Both horses have improved their standing start manners immensely from using this highly absorbable organic magnesium with boron and a toxin binder that doesn't bind nutrition.

We fully recommend the ProVide It Plan based on the benefits we have seen in our horses general health, manners and overall performance.

Amanda Tomlinson and Ken Ford (trainer) - Canterbury, New Zealand.



October, 2008:

Just thought I'd let you know that Sam's race name 'Midnight Invasion' took out the D.G. Jones Memorial Matsons Breweries Banks Peninsula Trotting Cup yesterday afternoon.

What a great race to win! A lot of excitment at the Ford house last night. That's another you can add to your list if you wish. He's been getting both products (AlleviateC and ToxDefy).

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