The Pinnacle of Success

For some people the ‘pinnacle of success’ is to win Grand Champion at HOY but I know from all my years teaching horsemanship that for most people, to be able to enjoy a weekend trekking as Nina and Sherilyn did last weekend, is equally a ‘pinnacle of success’. This is really what most people want to achieve.
I have heard so many trekking stories recently which ended being a nightmare and people getting hurt.

This is because people are riding horses that ‘aren’t right’ (because of their diet) and who therefore can’t cope with the excitement of even walking with a group of horses.

Most people don’t realize that you need to spend time teaching the horse how to behave in group situations before you go out.
On top of that a lot of people don’t know how to handle their horses if they start to ‘play up’ and they are riding with other people who are oblivious to the danger and compound the risk of an accident by not doing the right thing either!


The Problems...

Nina and Sherilyn have two horses they had had problems with.

 Wizard, a 14hh part Arab, had been a huge challenge to get him to be calm in a group situation.

It had been difficult to find the right balance of diet management and good horsemanship to work through a lot of his issues which were severe enough to inhibit him from being ridden on many occasions and it had been a year of hard ground and ridden work before he could be considered safe to be ridden by Sherilyn.

Safari came to them as lethargic, dead in the mouth, unbendable and was very under weight.


The Result...

On the beach

Hi Jenny,
we would just like to update you on our weekend away at Big Bay which was also our first time on a weekend trail ride. We took Safari and Wizard away with us.

Wizard is now proving to be a very smart and trainable pony, loves water, playing with the hoofball and he is very good at trekking.

Sherilyn is hoping to get him jumping and out competing a little more and he is currently learning the Spanish walk. He still can get very nervous but is getting easier and easier to bring down.

Safari has never been healthier, 3 years later he is 15 and thinks he has the body of a 5 year old.

He has filled right out and is a very soft and supple horse to ride. Still the same quiet and reliable horse, but he is very pleasant to handle and happy to be ridden. As you know this is very important for me to have a reliable horse because of my lack of confidence.


Before we left we gave the horses a little feed with extra Alleviate C and salt. The horses hopped off the float, looked around a bit then munched some hay and snoozed for a few hours while we waited for the first planned ride after lunch. We were both really nervous but the horses seemed completely oblivious to the fact they were somewhere they had never been before.

The first ride was 3 hours long with about 10 people riding. We started with a 4km road ride from Big Bay to Hudson’s Beach.

New gravel had been put down the day before on half of the roads we were riding on. The only worry about this was the fact our horses have no shoes but they marched over it like it was grass.

A lot of the horses were very excited, even ours were very forward but we kept at the back which they were completely happy about.

There were a few young horses, which when they occasionally did play up, our horses had no reaction. Even when a few tractors went past we had no problems.

Next morning Sherilyn took the horses out for an early morning canter and paddle riding Safari with Wizard on the lead. Safari was really keen and kept doing such a huge powerful canter he did a few laps of the beach by himself because Sherilyn was having fun and Wizard was more interested in splashing in the water.

Wizard & Safari - calm in a new situation

This was a really neat experience which we had worked hard to prepare our horses physically and mentally with a great balanced diet and horsemanship. Thank you for all your help, your products and all the research and information you have gathered that has made this possible.
Nina and Sherilyn Hagan


The Diet...

Simply a mixture of

Split up into 2 feeds for morning and night