“I have a very highly strung (understatement of the year!) thoroughbred who, on a 'mainstream' calming diet, was an absolute monster. He reared chronically, anxiously ground his teeth, kicked constantly at nothing in the cross ties and in the paddock, would run away from you pinning his ears back every time you went near him.

I initially told myself he just needs time. Well after a year of multiple vet visits, teeth done, physio, chiro, calming supplements, I had lessons and more lessons. You name it I tried it. And yes he improved, slightly... However he was still the kicking, rearing, highly strung thoroughbred I started with.

Ben Blay one day told me to try Calm Healthy Horses, (I admit I thought it was a stupid idea but I'd give it a go anyway). No it wasn't overnight! You don't fix everything instantly! But in the last 3months he has been on the Provide It range of products, no Lucerne and lots of salt and he has changed into the most delightful horse.

He now walks up to you in the paddock with his ears pricked for a neck scratch, you can cross-tie him and he will stand contently, he doesn't rear anymore, he travels in the float, he has put on more weight with less feed and I actually am looking forward to his show-jumping future. There's so many more good things that have come out of this whole experience but for me I couldn't be happier and the results speak for themselves'.
Kate Roots


Jema's Horse


'This photo of my are taken in Sept 2015, is accurately representative of her condition for the following 5 months despite pumping her full of hay and the best feed money could buy. She was not keeping a weight I was happy with, despite spending over $100 a week on feed and hay.

She was on zero grass because it caused her to be reactive, spooky, body-sore, fence walk and lose more weight, not to mention be very unpleasant to handle and ride.


This photo - taken after 3 months on Alleviate C, GrazeEzy, Shape Up and Tox-Defy, mixed into small, basic feeds of oaten chaff, copra and barley plus hay. 
(To give you an idea, Jema had her up to 30gms of GrazeEzy per feed twice daily but she was still a bit ‘reactive’ so she increased to 40gms twice daily which had the desired result)

· She is now back out in the paddock eating grass. She is calm, consistent and has lost most of her body soreness. Even though she is currently turned out she has not lost her topline.

· I am thrilled as I was at the stage where I was going to sell her as I could not afford her upkeep! Thank you for your fantastic products and advice'. 
Jema Haynes




Bolting Boris!

'I just wanted to say a big thank you -

I got back into riding after 15 years when I was given a "quiet" OTT thoroughbred.
He turned out to be a handful and would bolt, buck, spook nonstop and then bolt again.You couldn't touch him with your legs and his tail would swish wildly while his eyes rolled back in his head. He would flip out when away from other horses and in the 3 years I had him I’ve tried herbs, magnesium supplements, acupuncture.. everything...

I thought I just had one of "those" thoroughbreds"!
He had a year off while I was wondering what to do with him. Even professional riders couldn't get through to him.

Then I stumbled across your site on facebook and did the test... we failed everything...
So I sent an e-mail to Vicky and on her advice put him on GrazeEzy and SOS.

I didn't have time to ride him initially but the farrier (who incidentally had broken his collar bone after Boris knocked him over in a separation anxiety flipout in the tie ups) noticed the difference in how quiet and relaxed he now was.

He has been an angel since I started riding him again and has not put a foot wrong! No spooking or bolting.. in fact I can barely get a canter hes so chilled!

I found his big trigger is lucurne hay. I ran out of meadow hay and gave him lucerne for a week and he was back to the ‘eyes rolling, bucking, sewing machine trot old bolting Boris! That’s how I know lucerne does not work for him! Thank you so much for your site and sharing your information and time.

Thank you!! I love my new calm healthy horse... '
Amanda Sutherland

'Hi there,
I have been meaning to message and say that your SOS is outstanding! (I asked for it as my free item when I sent in my last card.)

I feed your Premium Minerals and Graze-Ezy. The week before a comp I fed SOS 2x day = calm pony.

Of course I have worked extremely hard with horsemanship etc but the SOS just takes the tension and spooky edge off that used to show up and make new situations difficult.

We have had a very successful first competition season under saddle including dressage (Reserve Champ for season accumulator out of large entries) and first ridden show where she went fabulously especially coping with horses in her space. Thanks I have been recommending it to everyone.

Carolyn', Otago