"Jezebel” - ‘Lost Cause’ to a Fun Show Horse!jezebel after diet change


'I bought Jezebel in 2004 with idea that she would be my show horse. She had been shown very successfully in western pleasure and trail events as a junior horse (5yr old and under). I was grazing at a property in Beachlands at the time and the pasture was rye/clover. I had no idea at the time, the problems this would cause.

Very shortly after I got her the problems started'...





The Problems...

'The saddle was the first issue. She would panic when she saw me carrying it.

She was very girthy and would be humpy and bucky every time she was saddled. She would also twitch constantly. I changed the type of saddle cloth often too. This never helped.

She was very humpy and ‘antsy’ to ride down hills. I always thought she had a sore back which led to many therapies, chiropractic, vets, massage. All to no avail.

Within a short space of time of having a therapy she was back to her humpy anxious self.

Her tail would go like a windmill and it was impossible to “work her through it”.

She would fall out with her hind quarter constantly in one direction.

She had lost a lot muscling in her overall top line especially her hind quarter.

She was extremely tight in the muscles all over.

One time at the Taupo show a guy had a heat sensor gadget that he went over her with. It was designed to pick up hot spots which would be marked with a sticky dot. By the time he had gone over ‘Jezebel’ she had so many dots that she looked like a leopard!

By this time my confidence was at rock bottom. I had lost all enjoyment in riding and my trust in Jezebel was gone.

After spending thousands of dollars on her with vets, therapies, other experienced riders, I had completely run out of ideas.

I moved to my own property and decided I would breed from her as I was unable to get anywhere riding her. It was like she was unsound and I felt I was making it worse by riding her.

Seeing as Jezebel was now going in foal I bought ‘Misty’.

She was a 10year old, very quiet western show horse who had competed successfully regularly with a friend of mine. She was a lovely school mistress mare.

But it wasn’t long before she developed a lot of the same problems. By this time I was really starting to wonder what I was doing wrong. Losing heart big time!

The Solution...

I had done some of Jenny’s clinics previously and I went to one particular clinic where Jenny gave me some Alleviate.

Misty was quite “out there” so I went home and gave her a good dose. The next day she was heaps better.

I could see that the grass was more and more of an issue with both of mares. Gradually I experimented and found that a mainly hay diet with Alleviate, ToxDefy, Premium NZ Horse Minerals in the simplest feeds really made a difference.

Unfortunately Misty did become unsound and competition was going to be too hard on her. I couldn’t afford to buy another horse. Jezebel had foaled and it was now about 8months old. I wondered if Jezebel was worth another go.

Emma convinced me that her issues were very likely to be grass/diet related and she was absolutely worth trying again.

So she was taken off the grass by means of a bare paddock, fed all the “goodies” in a basic feed with unlimited hay.

She hadn’t been ridden for two years but with a small amount of ground work was perfectly well behaved on the first ride.

The Result...

I have now had two wonderful show seasons with her.

She can be left for two weeks and then ridden without a problem.

She hasn’t had any therapies or vet visits in the last two years.

She no longer falls out behind and is supple. She is beautifully muscled and well balanced to ride. She has won champion ribbons in halter classes and won the North Island Open Novice Reining competition with NZRHA.

There have been times where I have had issues with her but I have soon realized the cause: either she has had some green grass or I have made the mistake of feeding her Lucerne.

One time at Taupo the yards had lots of grass in them – well the next day she came out bucking!

I thoroughly enjoy being able to compete Jezebel again and I am so glad I didn’t sell her.

Thank you Jenny and Emma for your help, on-going support and great products.
Trish Overington.