Winner NZ Grand Prix Dressage Horse of the Year 2008persil grass affected!

Riding Monique used to be quite an affair as she was a 'super spook'. Some days if she was feeling insecure we could only do half the arena as the gremlins at the top end were just far too scary.

This as you could imagine made our training rather difficult at times.

Hacking out was a complete no no, she would be absolutely terrified of everything, so unfortunately not much of this was done.

I came across the ProVide It Plan at Sue Lucas' Saddlery and thought well it was worth a try. I had nothing to lose....




The Success...

I remember sending Jenny Paterson an email about two weeks later exclaiming my utter astonishment in my mare's behaviour.

I could finally ride the full arena, was this just a coincidence or was there something more?

Well I can confirm that I have been riding the full arena, past all the terrifying gremlins and out hacking now for over a year.

Monique is settled and happier than she has ever been. We enjoy hacking at least twice a week and training has become so much more pleasant! My sincere thanks to Jenny and her fantastic ProVide It Plan that really worked for Monique and I.

Angela Fergusson - Marlborough, New Zealand.

HOY 2008

Angela was able to ride Monique - a 14 year old Trakehner mare 16hh by Falkensee out of Martiza  - Polarshnee, through the grades right to Grand Prix level and internationally at Prix St Georges when we rode in Sydney in 2006.

2008 saw Monique and Angela competing at Grand Prix level becoming Grand Prix Horse of the Year in 2008.

She initially bought her as an unbroken 5 year old in 2002.

Unfortunately due to a freak paddock accident damaging her left fore digital fexor tendon. In 2010, Angela made the decision to retire Monique from competition but the good news is that she has a had a beautiful foal born 31st January 2012.