Jackie's DespairHair Loss!


Hi Jenny,
I have a horse who is losing hair above his flanks, chest and parts of his neck and hind legs.

He still has part of his winter coat mainly on his neck and stomach which isn't thick.

This is the first year that he hasn't shed all of his winter coat and hair loss.

We live north of Auckland and the horses are grazing in paddocks of kikuyu grass.

They're getting hay twice a day and a small handful of crystalized sea salt. There's also a mineral lick in the paddock which they don't appear to go to very often.

The boys have also been getting sea minerals. It comes from kelp and is a bit like Stockholm Tar!  It smells of Molasses.

I would appreciate any suggestions you can offer...


The Solution...

We sent Jackie some Premium NZ Horse Minerals Hairy again!and just look at the difference in less than 3 weeks!

Horses grazing Kikuyu grass are in real need of Premium which is the highest spec multi available.

It feeds ‘the whole horse and includes several ingredient which work wonderfully on the hair-coat and hooves)

The trouble with sea minerals/kelp in this instance is that whilst they contain a wide variety of trace nutrients they are in minute amounts except for iodine.

They obviously were not ideal for this horse.

The Follow-up

Hi Jenny,Luke now
Matt has improved out of sight.  His eyes and nose are slightly runny and he's had a sneeze or two so has Luke nothing drastic. The weather here has been very humid and hot. 

His winter coat has almost gone, a little bit of fluff on the neck and a few bits here and there a bit on both hips.
His ribs and backbone are showing a bit.  Should I give him an extra feed? He's coming up 22 this year.

He had his feet done today and I noticed that the frogs that were once flat and ragged are almost normal.

Luke has, over the years seemed to be prone to abcess in both front and back feet.  

The local vet said the soil around the area had bacteria in it that caused abcesses.   

However, since they've been on the minerals and a change of feed, both have improved so much. 

When Luke came to me his feet were in bad condition, split and cracked, now they're looking so much better. 

I am looking forward to him putting on some more weight but in the meantime he's 'thriving'. 

The hay we bought off one of the neighbours is very good,

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