Georgia and her Laminitis

'Georgia had been unwell from when she arrived at our rescue haven May of last year with a 1 day old foal at foot.

She had a history of laminitis and within three weeks she went down and while we got her back on her feet with minerals & vitamins ( not yours ) she has continued to be quite unwell in general. She has had a dull fluffy coat that was continually falling out plus losing her mane and forelock.

We are grateful that a fortnight ago you were so willing to come and see this wee mare who once again had laminitis but this was the worst bout ever.


The Change...

Georgia when we first saw her. The photo of the top of page was taken just 6 weeks later!

Within a few days of taking her off the grass completely, syringing in a combination of GrazeEzy and a dessert spoon of plain salt as recommended by you several times a day and starting her on Premium Minerals she started to improve.

Over the next week she was less and less sore and her dull fluffy coat started to be replaced with a beautiful dark shiny auburn coat with her appaloosa spots and lacing showing beautifully something that hadn’t shown up like this before.

It is now two weeks and while she is still off grass she has gained weight and her coat is just stunning. Next big step will be trying her out on our rank grass.
We can’t thank you enough for helping save our girl.

Mini Ha Ha Rescue Haven

Our discussion...

See the picture of ‘Georgia’ ‘Before’ (left) when she had sore feet; whilst not rocked back on her heels, she was very reluctant to move.

You can see signs of metabolic syndrome like the puffiness around her eyes but clearly she is not obese. She had been kept on what her owner thought was a ‘low sugar’ diet, had been fed hay every day, had a mineral bucket available yet she came down with sore feet soon after a couple of days of rain.

Clearly visible (photo above) are the green areas of her pen. Nibbling around on these tips of fresh autumn growth after the rain we have had here this Autumn will bring on an attack of laminitis in susceptible animals and it happened to Georgia.

Georgia was moved into a completely grass free area, her hay was soaked, her feed was reduced to damp meadow chaff with salt & GrazeEzy and her minerals changed from the bucket to Premium NZ Horse Minerals (Supreme Vit & Min is the Australian equivilent).
See ‘Georgia’ ‘AFTER’ (Top photo): The difference in her overall health and vitality in just a few weeks is obvious and she is walking freely again.