FlossieFlossie after diet changes!

In hind sight I now realize that my beautiful mare ‘Flossie’ had slowly been getting worse each autumn.
Then this spring she had an abscess in her hoof for 3 months, before it finally disappeared.
Mid summer into autumn she again started having issues, worse than ever before which progressed to shying violently at everything, clamping her tail & bolting off, she was unrideable.

She also hated me brushing her stomach & putting the saddle on, she was tense & so nervy about everything...




Contacting Jenny...

I phoned Jenny who said take her off the grass & put her on Premium Minerals, AlleviateC, GrazeEzy, salt, crushed linseed, speedy beet, timothy chaff & adlib meadow hay (predominately Brown Top) in a Hay Saver. 

Taking her off the grass seemed a major problem as not owning our own property I only had a small yard available to put her in & we were both miserable with this situation.

When I despaired that I could not keep going, a phone call to Jenny enabled me to keep staying on track and with definite improvements in her behaviour I became more sure I was doing the right thing.

A Set Back...

A couple of weeks ago I was at last to the point that I intended to go out hunting but a change in the type of meadow hay she was on set her back to being tense, pulling back, getting huge frights & seeing  bogey men everywhere again (but not back to the point of violent shying).

It was rye-grass!

I immediately got rid of that big square bale of hay, upped her AlleviateC & Grazeezy and within a few days she was back to relaxed & happy.
We were out hunting yesterday & had a GREAT day.

Thank you!


It has taken about four long months for her to improve with a few ups & downs along the way.
I would like to sincerely thank Jenny & her team. Jenny was & is so supportive & understanding, a life line offering help when it all seems hopeless.

Alanna Browne