Correspondence from the USA.Towing a tarp

Here is a copy of some lovely correspondence from Kathy in Florida. It is great to know people from all over are coming to the Calm Healthy Horses site.

It is also another example of helping ‘Sticking Stifles’ by feeding a calcium/magnesium mix.






A Letter from Florida

I just wanted to thank you for your great site, with lots of complex info. 

Actually it wasn’t new info to me, because I once had a mare who used to get ouchy feet when the grass froze, that’s when I started feeding magnesium with great results.  But you are much more precise in your explanations than my previous source, however it had been a long time and I had forgotten until I saw your FB page.

Your info came right in time for me, as we just had a 2-day cold snap.  My little horse Gracie, normally a little peppy anyway, turned overnight into a compulsive, spooky, spacy thing. 

She’s usually pretty solid, but today she had a couple of major spooks before I even got her saddled.  And was very bronco in the round pen!  I did ride her cautiously in the pasture, just walked her down, and, very interesting, when I unsaddled her it appeared that her back, right side towards the loin, was in spasm.  (I never would have noticed all these things and put 2 and 2 together, but I had just printed your checkoff sheet the night before!)

I was surprised, she wasn’t really showing pain, but it was hard like a board to my touch.  I always rub my horses’ back after unsaddling, sort of a bonus massage.  She actually appeared to enjoy, I’d think she wouldn’t want the spasm rubbed, but she seemed to appreciate it.

Anyway, I had just this morning increased her salt (thanks for the recommendation for amount to feed!).

I already add Himalayan salt to my horses’ feed, but found out from you that I wasn’t feeding enough. 

I also already feed magnesium, but also added in coral calcium this evening, we’ll see how long it all takes to kick in. 

Do you have a formula for the amounts of magnesium and calcium to feed?  I understand the amount the horse absorbs depends on the types.  I feed magnesium citrate and coral calcium, if you’re familiar with those. 

My neighbor up the road called me today, she thinks her horse is laminitic.  I tried to tell her about mineral imbalances but she was very resistant. 

People think I’m crazy when I talk nutrition to them, they think the feed from the bag is wonderful, how can I know better than those “nutritionists?” 
(I don’t feed premix feed, there are many things I don’t agree with in it) 

I gave her your website, hope she checks it out for herself…

There’s only one thing I want to mention to you, you say many times that the potassium collects in the growing tips of grass, but our local permanent grass grows from the crowns, not the tips. 

Just a small difference, I think some types of grass grows from tips, some types grow from the center.

Thanks again for all the info, wish you all the best.  Thanks for educating owners and helping horses!

Kathy Hutchins
Brooksville, FL, USA
p.s., I ‘liked’your FB page!

The Next Letter...

Wed 19 Dec 12 Kathie & Gracie
Hi Jenny Since I wrote the first email I’ve been giving her the salt as you recommend, and magnesium and coral calcium, in correct proportions, I think. 

She had gone through a long phase of hyper behavior, triggered, I think, by the grass being frosted.  The first time wasn’t too bad of a freeze, and just one night.  And her behavior was worse, but not too bad.  About 10 days later we got a harder longer freeze, and she went off the edge. 

I started your program, on 11/27.   Also started  cutting down her pasture turnout time.  Saw improvement cutting down to 2 hrs daily, so she gets about 1.5 hrs daily now. 

She very slowly got better, but not great, still hyper, still difficulty holding a walk, still can’t walk downhill, forget that! 

I kept sticking with the program… In the last week she got 5 days off, one might think she’d be a little firecracker coming back with all that time off?  No, she has been wonderful, the fantastic little horse I used to love so much to ride! 

Calm, balanced, ‘psychic’ when it comes to the aids.  I have a BIG smiley face! 


Kathie and Gracie

Another month on...

Tues 22 Jan 13
Thanks so much for writing.  I’ve been having so much fun with my little horse, she continues to improve. 

She’s getting very steady and calm, and also is showing great improvement in walking down hill, with which she had a very hard time. 

She also had ‘sticking’ stifles, which are greatly improved also, although not 100% ‘fixed’, I’d say about 95% good.   

She has such a great mind, and it’s so nice she can finally utilize it!  She loves doing tricks and obstacles, sidepassing, opening the gate.  I’m working with her to pick up my crop when I drop it, and to wave a flag.

We’ve been polishing our jog/trot work, and are just starting with cantering. 

Thanks again for all the great info and help!

Kathy Hutchins and Gracie