'Colby is a 14.2hh 11yr old standardbred. I've had him for 2-3 years now and he's always been forward moving but safe. He loves to jump and I competed him up to 1m SJ and also did flat showing. However, after I moved to new grazing he slowly changed.









Firstly, he became so forward moving he had no brakes and would take off if you loosened the reins.

He was stiff on a circle with no bend (see pic above)

He became very muscle sore and his saddle didn't seem to sit quite right. He also became very spooky (he previously was super brave), grumpy in the paddock and didn't like being touched. And his canter (especially to the right) went weird and he kept disuniting.

He would stop all of a sudden and frantically rub his nose on his leg.

I knew the grass would be the most likely cause of the problem after Jenny and Cathy fixed my crazy TB by advising me to take her off the grass temporarily (she went from bonkers to bombproof in a few weeks) so I removed Colby from the grass and started him on salt/Premium minerals and AlleviateC. There were improvements but he was still very strong and 'not quite right'.

Jenny and Cathy came out to have a look and recommended upping his salt to 3tbsp per day (seems a lot for a pony right?) and adding GrazeEzy into his feed (I wasn't giving it to him, I thought he didn't need it as he wasn't on grass) and he quickly became the happy pony I used to know.

He will now walk on a loose rein without taking off, isn't spooky, isn't muscle sore and generally looks much happier. The best bit is that he is a lot more balanced and can canter properly both directions .
Its crazy how even the look on his face has changed .

He is so much happier, easier to catch and can even be ridden on a loose rein at all paces without tanking off. (See top picture)
He now steps over poles (previously he would jump over poles on the lead and if asked to slow down he would get very annoyed and refuse to jump) but today he walked over poles first try, nice and relaxed!

We even managed a bit of a trot stretch! First time he's been relaxed enough to stretch down when given the reins as opposed to zooming off!