Champion Horse!

Here we have a horse who was excessively spooky - a frightening prospect to take anywhere!Denzel winning Champion part bred gelding.









The Letter...

Hi Jenny
I work at Morrison’s Saddlery in Ashburton. We had a visit from Val the other day so thought I’d send you an email about the great success I have had from your products. I have a TB/Arab/Warmblood show hack.

Well what a season so far and I have your products to thank for this.

'Denzel' was a spooky, jumpy type of horse. he hated horses around him and would spook at the smallest things; since starting the AlleviateC, ToxDefy and Premium Minerals he has changed into a different horse.

He is relaxed, happy to go for a ride and now I don’t have to worry about him spooking.

I have been going to the shows and he just gets off the float and goes to sleep. He used to be wide awake watching things while in the ring but now he just focuses on what he is doing - not everyone else.

Attached are photos of us winning Champion Led Partbred Gelding at the All Arabian Show 2 weeks ago.

The Success...

I have just had the National Arab Championship Show in the weekend and what a very well behaved boy.

We came home with the title of ‘NZ National Top Three Partbred Gelding’.

The second day of competition was the ridden section and only being the second time ridden in the Indoor arena we didn’t know what to expect as this time last year we would not even attempt to go in there.

Well he didn’t put a foot wrong, even with a big crowd that clapped and cheered he was still half asleep when others had a spook.

He was also Reserve Champion Led Park Hack at the 2010 grand nationals and once again I have you to thank, the many comments on his coat is thanks to the Premium Minerals, with limited outings in the led section he has come home with one champion and five reserves at top level, and a top 3 NZ title.

Thank you so much Val for being so helpful and I now tell all the customers about your wonderful ProvideIt Products. I now have the perfect horse who is truly part of the family and a pleasure to ride, prepare and show.

Thanks again,
Kellie Williams and Denzel

The Champion...

winning horse

Winning Champion Led Partbred Gelding at the All Arabian Show 2 weeks ago.