All about the Diet...

Here is another classic case where a few quite minor (actually) diet changes did the trick when all else failed...

17th Oct 2017
“Hi team! I have a horse fitting your description on your post - I’m at my wit’s end with him! I’m almost at the point of retiring him from riding because I’ve had so many people look at him to no avail.
These include a chiro, back massager, body work and three saddle fits - nothing is helping us. He never used to be like this, I’ve owned him for 5 years and this started happening over the last 8 months. We explode into a canter and he is so unbalanced.
I used to own a healthy happy horse - now I can’t even canter on him around the paddock - it’s heart breaking!
He’s currently in half an acre of grass completely chewed out by cows, he’s quite restricted and kept on hay. Sadly our hay does have a bit of clover in it - really found it difficult to buy hay this season locally without it!
My instructor will be very interested in this case, we’ve been struggling with him since he has been so unhappy and disunited at the canter for so long despite all our efforts”.



SOS Started Nov 18th 

The only change made to this horse’s diet was sourcing clover-free hay, with the addition of salt and SOS to his feed.

Nov 21st
“So we rode today and for the first time in over a year we had no disuniting in the canter! I couldn’t believe it!!!! This has not happened once in over a year - I’ll ride him again tomorrow and get more videos. He couldn’t even canter in a circle without busting into a canter and disuniting from behind and bunny hopping/bucking!

He was still a tad tense in the transitions but he was for sure the best we have had in a year for sure!
Second video attached was a few weeks ago, he was stopping and throwing me off, he never was that horse a year ago it was heart breaking - we have exhausted so many avenues so I am very happy with the ride tonight! I felt like I had my boy back”


Jan 8th

"My horse is totally back to normal after a few weeks of SOS, salt and non-clover hay. I cannot thank you enough and will be a purchaser of this product forever!
He was on very limited pasture but still strip grazed daily - to be honest it actually took effect before the hay arrived - I have purchased another bag of supplement since and we are perfect! Cannot believe it was diet related!!! We were close to retiring him. Cannot thank you enough for all your support”.

This is a video showing the horse before he started his new diet and after the diet changes.