Basile was going downhill……

Basile had had multiple bouts of laminitis before he came to our attention.
His owners were advised to remove him from all grass and put him on 24/7 hay. Of course this was the right thing to do at the time for a horse with laminitis but as time went on his owners had advice about what to feed him and how to keep him from many different sources.

 This resulted in them feeding Basile a LOT of different items but unfortunately none of these were meeting his basic nutritional requirements.


Basile's problems...

Hence, despite being loved to bits, Basile’s health was deteriorating as you can see in the top picture. He had lost any muscle tone from being kept in a small yard by himself and his coat was awful.
He could hardly walk as his laminitis, poor diet and bad farriery had ravaged his hooves.
He was a very sad little horse.
Finally we were called in to see him.

Basile had heart bar shoes on and his feet were unbalanced!

Cathy took him on and he was moved into her ‘dry lot’ with plenty of hay, twice daily plain feeds (oaten chaff, copra and linseed meal) containing Premium MVA, ShapeUp (pure amino acids with a pre-biotic), XtraCal and salt.
He finally had room to move and friends to play with.

Basile starting to perk up a day after arriving

It took around 2 months to replenish Basile and have him on a rising plane of nutrition.
His coat took much longer to finally shed...

Basile enjoying a snooze in the dry lot on a warm spring morning


Hooves start to improve

The improvement in the hooves alone is great for the nine weeks between photos, however improvements will continue for the good 12 months it takes to grow a whole new hoof capsule.
Finally he started to move more freely and was allowed for an hour each day out on mature grass ..

Now that his overall health, including his muscle volume has improved, ShapeUp is no longer necessary. Premium MVA supplies a maintenance dose of all the Amino acids (quality protein) along with the all the vitamins and minerals including selenium that he needs. We will keep him on the XtraCal for now as he is still building bones and various tissues as a growing young lad at 6 years old.

By December the grass dried off enough for full time turn out and he was a changed horse - no longer any sign of lameness, he blasts around with his NBF Zephyr.

There is nothing more rewarding than being able to transform horses like Basil, not only in terms of their health but also in the quality of their life.

Of course, having had successive bouts of laminitis, Basile's grass intake will always have to be monitored. Every time it rains and the grass greens up, he goes back into the dry lot with the others.



Basile and Zephyr took a while to warm up to each other but finally after a month, they started to groom each other. Merls's look says it all.

Basile, Zephyr and Merls wander up to say hello.

Some friends are just too embarressing to mention.

But nice to have around when one needs reassurance.


The progress is in Basile's hooves from September to February

Basile is now outgalloping the Thoroughbreds...


All photographs ©Cathy Dee