Separation Anxiety fixed!Meg fance walking

Abigail called us out to see her mare Meg who was having serious seperation anxiety.

She was so herd bound that she spent her time fence walking to where she could see the horses (temporarily removed so we could see what was going on) and once they went completley out of sight Meg 'lost it'.

This sort of panic is not a natural response to being left alone for a short period though it is true that horses do need to live in a herd in order to feel safe.

Once a horse gets used to being left alone for short periods they are generally quite happy and acrry on as normal however in this case - as of many others we see, Meg would not settle - becoming worse and, dangerous to handle.


Abigail's Story

'I got Meg to save her from pet food 5 months ago.
She would always fence walk and was a bit spooky but I put her on the ProvideIt range and she settled down over a few weeks.

I started competing her and all was going well until the horses got moved to the back paddocks out of sight of the tie ups and the first day I bought her in assuming she would be quiet as per normal and instead I had a spooky, snorting, won't-stand-still freak of a horse!
I realized she had separation anxiety, I had just never noticed before as there were always horses around when she was tied up/ridden etc.

She started being hard to ride, spooky, would call out all the time and go from quiet, well behaved and calm to head in the air running the fence-line or pacing at the tie ups and calling out frequently.


Following advice...

Jenny and Cathy came out and I was advised to put her on the new SOS twice a day and doubled her GrazeEzy;

RESULT: a few weeks later she is a thousand times better! (She has stayed on the same grass).
This was taken yesterday: On her own in the arena with a nervous 13yr old rider!

You can float her on her own now (previously she would refuse to load unless there was another horse in the float) and happily be ridden and handled away from other horses. No calling out, just a nice calm Meg pony.

Since then she has done more shows and is doing so well! She has also been teaching some people to ride and jump and is giving them lots of confidence and performing perfectly :-)
Previously I was always a bit worried when kids were riding her as she would go from calm to crazy with as little as walking past the gap in the hedge where she could see the other horses but now she is amazing!

Oh and also she is on her second bag of ShapeUp now, and we are really seeing results! She's looking and feeling a million bucks!
Long story short if you have issues with your horse call Jenny or Cathy and magically your horse will be perfect again ;-)'

Abigail, CHCH

Meg, much calmer with a beautiful winter coat thanks to ProvideIt minerals