Vicky Hansen & ShrekVicky and Shrek

My name is Vicky Hansen and I am very proud to be sponsored by ProvideIt Australia. 

I can’t speak more highly of the success I have had with my horses since I began feeding the products in 2007. 

I moved across from New Zealand and was faced with a myriad of different challenges that came with a monsoonal tropical climate, the tropical grasses of which many are oxalate, the dreaded “Queensland Itch”, and last but by no means least, all the wildlife and insects that are intent on sharing their presence with me.






melodyMy first horse was loaned to me and she was a little grey stockhorse of about 14.3hh called Melody.   She came with attitude, presence and country cunning and there wasn’t anywhere she wouldn’t go. 

Melody hailed from out west at Texas and the tropical climate and grasses were also a challenge for her.   She would break out in enormous welts about 5cm wide and I still don’t know what caused them.  Even when I bought her a flag rug she was still prone to outbreaks. Her hooves were chipped and cracked and she was unsound without shoes.

I straight away put her on Supreme minerals, XtraCal, ToxDefy, salt and grass hay with good results.   Her feet soon lost their chips and cracks and I was able to ride her barefoot. 

After just riding around Mt Tamborine for a few months, I discovered NADEC (Nerang & District Equestrian Club) , joined up and began taking Melody in the showjumping classes which she loved.  We had a lovely partnership for 6 months and progressed from the 50 to 80cm classes really quickly.  A pity I never had the opportunity to test her cow skills as I imagine that would have been the best fun.


gamblerDuring this time I was working in a thoroughbred stable where I met a lovely quiet gelding called Gambler who really had no enthusiasm for racing.  The owners eventually made the decision to stop racing him so I put my hand up to buy my first horse in Australia.

I was finding Melody a little small and limiting so sadly I returned her back to t west where I am sure she will be giving a child a lot of pleasure.

Then began my 3 year journey with Gambler.  He was unused to much paddock time and I was a little nervous committing him to pasture 24/7 when he came to live with me. 

However, once again I introduced him to some of the Provide It range and began the process of turning a racehorse into a pleasure hack.  The first few outings were fraught with tension and apprehension on his part.  Tying him to the gamblerhorsefloat just wasn’t an option so I either had to yard him or be dragged around on the end of the halter as he pawed and gawped at the new surroundings and strange horses.  If I was lucky to find a yard, he would paw and chew and refuse to drink. 

I thought the best place to be was on his back.  After adding Supreme Vits and mins to his diet and especially Alleviate, I am pleased to say he very quickly worked out that his racing days were over and he became a pleasure to take out, ride anywhere and become a successful dressage horse and showjumper. 

I even competed him for 2 years barefoot and he was agile and very sure footed.  He was the NADEC prep dressage champion in 2008 and worked his way up to Novice.  He was an honest horse and rarely came home without a ribbon.  He took to showjumping and we progressed to the 1.10m classes by the time I handed him over to his new rider.





By now it is 2010 and along came Cushavon Beauvara (affectionately known as Shrek). 

shrek and Vicky

He hails from the Cushavon Irish stud at Tamborine and is a great all rounder. 
On the surface he is a lovely kind laid back sort of fellow but underneath he is actually quite fragile and takes offence if treated unfairly.  He was very sad to leave the place of his birth and all his paddock mates and at one stage, I wondered if he was ever going to settle and accept his new life. Everything was new and different, even the feed and grasses.  One day he would eat, the next day he wouldn’t.  At times he walked the paddock for hours on end.  Eventually he was put in the stable in the daytime and that was the turn around as his routine had been in for the day and out at night. 

I knew the Alleviate and other products would be hugely beneficial but he wouldn’t have accepted the addition of a whole lot of new additives so first I had to transition him off the pellets and onto the beet.  I only feed natural food and add the supplements as required as this way I have much more flexibility.

One of the good things about him was his hay intake.  If he didn’t eat the hard feed, he usually would consume 4-5 biscuits of good grass hay a day and that included some in the paddock.  


18 months later, I can proudly say that Shrek is a really good eater and does best on daily Alleviate, Supreme vitamins & minerals, and the newest product Graze Ezy. 

shrek and Vicky I have noticed a big turn around in his anxiety levels, his coat is wonderful as are his hooves and I rarely need a vet or practitioner.  He is now the sanest horse on the property and the nicest to handle.  Taking him to shows is a pleasure as he loves the company of other horses and is the best loader and traveller

Our competition versatility and consistency speaks for itself also. Shrek is a very competent at dressage, showjumping and eventing.  I am blessed to have such a multi-talented boy.

Initially while getting to know each other, we went to local dressage competitions and achieved a couple of scores over 70% and many wins and placings.  We are currently schooling Elementary level and competing Novice and enjoy training with Jacqui Van Montfrans.

After a while, friends encouraged us to go vicky and shrekeventing so off we trundled to Burpengary to give the introductory class a go.  It was well filled and I was highly delighted to lead from the dressage phase through to the end.  Hence began the love for eventing and the journey up the grades.

We progressed next to Preliminary and out of 5 starts, finished in the top 6 in four events including a good 4th at the Warwick International 3DE and 6th at the Queensland State Championships at the end of 2011.   
Our present grade is Pre-Novice and in 2012 started three times for top 10 finishes. Our best performance came at the end of the season for 4th at the Queenslad State Championships.

So far, Shrek and I have no recorded refusals to our name and only 4faults in showjumping.  The biggest challenge is beating the clock but am told that comes with time and experience.  For now safe and clear is more of a priority.

As our flat work has improved, so has our showjumping. Both Clem Smith and Sean Hope have influenced our steady progress.  At Gold Coast Show last August, we had our first crack at some 1.20m classes for just a rail in each. 

 We also qualified for Foxhunter Finals in 2012 and a very nervous rider cantered round a highly technical course for just a couple of rails.  Am hoping we can qualify again this year for an even better result.

At the present time, the weather is so wet, all the competitions are being cancelled which is disappointing.  We did manage a showjumping class between showers at a local jump club that has a sand arena and notched up our first ever SJ win so that is encouraging.

More and more competitors, who are noticing our consistent results, are asking me about Provide It and doing really well on Alleviate.  I am so positive about the effectiveness of the product range and the benefits that my horses have and are still showing.