Sheena Ross - Sterling Warmbloods

Dear Jenny

I am delighted to write this testimonial for your Provide It products.

Firstly I am thrilled and grateful to be working together with you now that you are sponsoring our competition horses. 

At Sterling Warmbloods we maintain very high standards of care for our dressage horses. We breed from frozen semen Hanoverian stallions, we carefully select from the very best horses in the world in order to fulfil our goals to breed rideable and competitive dressage horses of the very highest standard.

It is a very expensive business to be breeding and training these horses and we do not like to take any shortcuts...



The Winning Edge...

We have been using your products for at least 6 years now, beginning with Alleviate C and the Premium NZ Minerals in late 2008.

Slowly we have moved away from other brands and are now using ProvideIt products exclusively for all our supplement needs.

We have had great results with our breeding program in relation to breeding correct limbs – which I believe is partly attributable to the correct balance of minerals for NZ pasture conditions which are in your supplement. We have recently switched to the MVA form of the minerals as it has added amino acids for muscle development.  

Thanks to AlleviateC our competition horses are very consistently winning and placing all season. I would not like to compete without using the fabulous Alleviate C. I use this product daily for all the riding horses without exception. I am too old to come off the green broken three year olds!

I find our youngsters are much less affected by separation anxiety when we bring them in to the yard on their own and at shows. I also use it in a larger dose for show days on the young horses, and also for Parkridge Disco SW as he is quite a hot and sensitive horse. I then lower the dose over the show depending on how he feels.

Calm but not dull...

I love that this product helps him to stay calm and rideable but absolutely does not make him dull or slow in his reactions. It is my best friend for showing and I would not consider using anything else! Our results speak for themselves with Disco being placed in all his classes this season with at least 20 wins, multiple championships including North Island level 5 champion, and the FEI World Challenge advanced winner for both NZ and our region of Oceania.

Siriana SW has also been a superstar with several regional championship titles plus the NZ 4 year old Dressage Horse title and the Reserve Champion level 1 title at the NZ Championships this year. She has been on Provide It products all her life.

We also use GrazeEzy, ToxDefy, and XtraCal.

We feel that we use the best supplements available in NZ!

I recommend your product to my lesson clients and have had excellent feedback from them.

Once again thanks so much for partnering with us in our quest to succeed as breeders and producers of top class competition horses.

Sheena Ross
Sterling Warmbloods Ltd

2015 update

Dear Jenny
I thought I would write you a mid-season update on what has been happening with our team of horses so far this season.
We have had a fantastic start to the season. Parkridge Disco SW has won or placed in every test at the 4 regional championships that we entered so far.

It is his first season at advanced level so we are thrilled about this. He was Reserve Champion advanced horse at the Bay of Plenty Championships in late October and also at Auckland Championships in November.  He was the Champion advanced horse at the Waikato Championships and at Waitemata Championships. You can’t ask for more than that!

We are looking forward now to the North Island Champs, the NZ Champs and Horse of the year show very early in the new year.
Siriana SW has a super start to her season at the Bay of Plenty Champs with her Reserve Champion result.  We then sent her to Matamata Vets to have an embryo transfer attempt. Unfortunately that was not a success but she has qualified for the big shows and we are looking forward to them.

Sartorial Hit SW and Danzier MH (above) are our two 4 year olds being trained by me and competed by Andy Daines. They both have had great starts to their show careers. They have had some very good scores with wins and placings so far and Danzier MH (who is based with Andy) has had 2 reserve championships.  We had a very consistent show with them last weekend being placed first in both tests (Danzier MH) and second in both tests (Sartorial Hit SW). Again you can’t ask for more.

We have all four horses on Alleviate C, ToxDefy and your minerals. We have recently started giving the new product Alleviate C SOS a few days before and on show day for a really super calm and rideable horse. We would not be where we are without your products!! We are so grateful for your help and constant support and advice.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
With grateful thanks from Sheena Ross and all the team at Sterling Warmbloods