Tranquility (Big Missy)Big Missy

Bred, trained and ridden by Val, Big Missy is a fabulous horse as long as she is kept well away from lucerne.









Missy's Problem...


Big Missy has never been a problem except - and it is a BIG EXCEPT, on lucerne.

Overnight, after a feed of lucerne hay, Big Missy went AWOL.

She was excessively spooky and reactive. When we eliminated Lucerne, she came back to normal. No lucerne ever for Big Missy!



Big Missy

Val & big Missy

The ProvideIt Shine...

Val and Tranquility
The combination of a diet of old grass - no clover or lucerne and PrvideIt Vits & mins produces a silky, almost irridescent shine on Big Missy's coat.

Shiny coat