Tawny was bred by my (Jennys') sister.

A beautiful foal, we were all thrilled about her arrival and looked forward to the day when she could be ridden.

She was a 'flitty, flighty' sort of foal right from the start. She would startle at anything and everything despite having been handled extensively from birth.

One day we came home to find she had had a terrible accident - she had flipped over the fence and got her leg caught in an outrigger. It was an absolute disaster and the beginning of many large vet bills!

Unfotunately due to this accident Tawny is unsound and may be for the rest of her life.

Now, with the understanding about grasses and grazing that we have, we deduce that this flightyness was a direct result of milk from a grass affected mother.




The Problem

Tawny, Posh and Starlight (all around the same age) were all having problems at the same time - they were all on the same grass but the problems were all different.

As Tawny got older she becamse bargy and Tawnyunreasonable. At that stage we could not figure out what was going on.

Then the breathing problems started - known as Pasture Heaves, it would come on overnight if she ate clover.

We began to put two and two together and finally removed her from the grass diet altogether.


The Result


The difference in her attitude and her breathing has been remarkable. She is now back out on (OLD) grass with Premium Vits and Mins, 2Tbsp salt per day and Grazezy and she is doing beautifully.

Now she can graze 'old grass' as long as there is no clover and she does very well on it!

This is what we mean by OLD grass - and, as long as their vit/min intake is kept up, the horses do beautifully on it!

Old Grass
Tawny and Indy (her Mother) grazing old grass.

Any dairy farmer would have a fit if he saw this, but believe us when we say, this is perfect horse grass.

Tawny in 2013


Here is Tawny coming in to winter (2012) - no loss ofTawny racing Starlight condition on this grass so long as her Salt, Premium and GrazeEzy are kept up!

She is also calm to handle, absolutely none of that flightyness she used to have!

Tawny in the herd
Tawny greets a new member of the herd. There is no 'mareishness' in her behaviour.