Bred by Jenny, Posh is a stunning looking quarter horse who came down from the North Island as a three year old.

She arrived as 'scared as a rabbit' of everything despite having been handled gently since birth. She was over reactive to any kind of stimulis and quick to react, consequently none of us were keen to start her!

These bouts of 'stupidity attacks' were intermittant and when she was her 'normal' self, she was a wonderful calm horse. We found, that she could be going along beautifully and then all of a sudden out of the blue, she would go 'nuts' making her a dangerous horse to ride.




Grass Again!

Posh at the beach

Once we realised it could be grass and got her out and on to the track, she was absolutely superb, however came the day when she was fed some extruded barley and she reverted almost immediately.

Fortunately we quickly realised what it must have been and she was terrific once more when that feed was stopped.

One day, however, Jenny got on expecting a wonderful ride, and they started off calmly when all of a sudden, Posh started up again. We couldn't figure it out, she was off all grass, the only thing she was being fed was hay - could it be the hay?

Problems in the Hay!

Posh and jenny
Jenny & Posh

We had it analysed, and discovered that this particular batch of hay had an 11.5% sugar content - the normal being 4.1%! No wonder she had reacted.

Also prevelent in this hay was a very high DECAD (Dietary Cataline Ananyne) difference, which meant that the sodium and chloride levels were very low compared to the potassium, calcium and magnesium levels - all spelling disaster for Posh!

This is also why it is vital to feed extra salt - most pasture has levels of potassium that are much higher than the sodium and the balance is vital to your horses well being!

Posh at the Beach...

Posh at the beach

Now, Posh is Jenny's number one riding horse, even being used by Buck Brannaman while he was on a clinic here!