Mystery is a little thoroughbred type.

She came from Karen, a lovely lady on the other side of Christchurch. All Karen wanted was a quiet horse so she could accompany her daughter when she rode her little pony.
After finding Mystery suitable on her home territory, her owner delivered her to Karen for a ‘trial’ period.

The trouble was that as soon as she arrived, she ‘latched on’ to the daughters pony as if it were her own foal! She wouldn’t leave its side. This made riding her very unnerving as Mystery would start plunging around when Karen tried to ride even a yard away from the pony.





Opinions Differ...

The owner was rung to come and take Mystery back but his response was: “Oh she just needs a good hiding!”

Naturally Karen didn’t want her to go back to him so Mystery was left in the paddock next time the daughter wanted to ride.

The paddock was on the side of a hill with a fence at the top by the road. When they took the pony out Mystery became frantic, so frantic she attempted to jump the fence at the top of the hill to go with them!

leg woundsNow Mystery was injured in both back legs, the vet came but luckily even though there was a lot of blood they turned out to be fairly superficial wounds.


Mystery comes to us...

It was at this point Karen’s neighbour suggested she ring me. I went over and felt the best solution was to offer the owner a small amount of money and take the horse home.

Mystery - poorly
Here is Mystery on arrival at our place, poorly and miserable.

Mystery in 6 weeks
Here she is just 6 weeks later, shiny and happy on her new diet which includes Premium NZ horse Minerals and AlleviateC.

Mystery Now...

Mystery now
This is a happy Mystery in her fuzzy winter coat!

Mystery is not herd bound anymore. Many people think that the way to cure a horse from being herd bound is to seperate them and keep them on their own. You couldn't be more wrong!

Horses are herd animals and must have companionship of their own kind to be truly happy and content.

Mystery's herd bound behaviour was due entirely to mineral imbalances (especially a lack of magnesium) which caused her to be anxious and beside herself when on her own. Horses should be able to beleft for short periods on their own without panicking. The reaction mystery had was abnormal and should be a warning to anyone that something is minerally out of whack.

Tawny and mystery
Mystery having a mutual scratch with Tawny - socialising is just so important for horses!

Happy contented Mystery in 2015