Burton Hooverpersil grass affected!

7 year old Burton Hoover arrived on April 1st 2016 after the death of Persil.
It was important to me (Cathy Dee) that Zephyr have another playful companion (his mother is very boring ;-))

Like Zephyr, Hoover is 1/2 quarter horse, the other half is Tb.

Hoover was a head flicker and his people (who are lovely) did not have the grass or facilities to be able to help him, so they very sadly had to part with him. Luckily they understood that this was not him being 'naughty' and that he could not help it so they were very pleased I was able to take him.

The Hoover very quickly made himself at home and you can follow his journey of recovery from head flicking both here and on our facebook page - Equine Head Flicking NZ.


The Arrival

Zephyr and Hoover meet for the first time

The Hoover arrived after a 7 hour journey from deep south. He staggered off the truck, looked around and took the biggest leak I have ever seen a horse do ;-)

Zephyr was dying to meet him and, as the paddock is a big one we released him straight into it.

Within a very short time Zephyr and Hoover were friends - even sharing a hay bag.

Getting to know each other meant many rounds of 'ad it up to 'ere...

And the cheeky Zephyr was put in his place more than once. To my amazement his (Zephyr's) mother - standing in the background - allowed this to happen...


Settling in

In the beginning Hoover head flicked as soon as any pressure was put on him.

We sourced a paddock of rough unfertilised grass - absolutely perfect - and from head flicking every time pressure was put on him he has within a couple of months stopped flicking altogether. He also recieves a plain feed twice a day with added salt, Premium MVA, XtraCal and AlleviateC SOS.

He very quickly established himself in the herd, and is enjoying life immensely.

It is incredibly satisfying to be able to help a horse who may otherwise have ended up in the wrong hands, abused and/or put down due to his head flicking.


Hoover and Zephyr in the Dry Lot Sept 2016

Who said living in a dry lot can't be fun? When the grass started to go nuts Cathy brought the boys home to the dry lot as a precaution - here's what they get up to every day...


It has been a long journey for Hoover but finally nearly a year on I can say he is flick free.

He has now gone on to a new start and is working beautifully.

This is a video showing Hoover when he first came to me in April 2016 and then a few days ago February 2017 one day into training. You can see for yourself the difference. He has had no work until now, I have simply worked on getting his minerals balanced.