Having had a great upbringing, there seemed to be no explanation for Handsome's violent outbursts towards other horses. They started at around 6 years of age.

He took a real dislike to poor Starlight and completely 'monstered' her. It got so bad he could not be kept in the herd.







The Cause


Once we cottoned on to what was causing this - IE Rye Grass and Clover, and got him off these types of grass and fed him the Premium Minerals, 3 Tbsp Salt, AlleviateC and ToxDefy, he became perfectly amenable.

Now he lives happily within the herd and is ridden by our horseman, Jacob, who loves him!



Handsome at the Beach

Handsome at the beach



Handsome, The Clown

Handsome has no worries about being swished by any flag - in fact, as you see in the photo at the top of this page, he will happily swish it around for you!

Handsome and echo
Handsome playing with his new best friend, weanling, Echo.