We were given Dimples by a lovely woman who was devastated that she couldn’t seem to prevent her from having chronic sore feet.

The trouble is she didn’t have a good ‘dry lot’ - only an area which stayed green because the grass kept popping through. Those little bits of grass were enough to keep Dimples laminitic.







On Arrival...

Dimples, on arrival with very sore feet - she kept Dimples laminiticshifting her weight from foot to foot. She also had a long, curly coat indicating she was heading towards ‘Cushings Syndrome’ and long hooves that you could see the inflammation thru the walls.

Dimples - hooves

The Treatment

After two days in the round-pen where there really was no grass, just ad lib hay, she was remarkably better and has never looked back.

Dimples better

Over time, Dimples lost her long curly coat, developing a normal coat. Her hooves were correctly trimmed allowing her to move freely and she became a different horse!

dimples hooves after

Dimples Now...

Dimples now

Dimples now lives with all the big horses because actually when it comes down to it when there is no vegetative grass in their diet they all have the same requirements.

They all have ad lib hay and a feed at night containing all their essential Vits and Mins.

The best part is that she is having a blast. She is now 20 years old and experiencing comparative freedom.

Dimples and Cherokee

Dimples Update 2016

Dimples is now sponsored by us to live at the wonderful rescue haven - Mini HaHa. She lives with many other minis and is Grandma to the younger ones.