Danny BoyDanny Boy

Danny is in his mid twenties - a beautiful Connemara who was given to us by his owner as she too could not find anywhere to keep him where he wasn’t plagued by sore feet all the time. When he arrived in January 2010 he was ‘metabolic’ but not obese.

He was ‘tight’ all over, had a cresty neck, pads of  fat and was very puffy around his eyes which were also bloodshot.
If he was out on the grass and it rained then 2 days later he would have sore feet and we would take him off until he came right again. He was very reluctant to canter at all...




The ProblemDanny - metabolic

Back then we didn’t know about putting salt in their feed (rather than relying on a salt lick)  That Autumn, when corresponding with Dr Swerczek, a veterinarian from Kentucky, we learned that horses don’t get enough salt from a salt lick.
Danny, along with all our horses was built up to 2 tablespoons of salt in his daily feed throughout winter.
When spring came along and we were thinking that Danny would start show ing signs of an impending attack (stiffening up, hardening of the crest) any day, well it never happened.
He was able to stay with the other horses on their good diet which consists of living most of the time on their ‘track’ with ad lib hay and a daily feed of soaked beet, linseed, Zeaola Oil, Premium NZ Horse Minerals, AlleviateC and salt.

The photo at the top of this page was taken a year later. You can see how his whole body has a ‘soft’ look to it, he is no longer ‘metabolic’, his eyes aren’t puffy or bloodshot.


The CharacterDanny photobombing Merlot's shoot

Danny is now a companion horse. He lives out on the grass with the help of Graze Ezy.

Danny is one of our cheekiest horses. - here he is proving that by photobombing Merlot's photoshoot.

We know if there is anything going on in the grass because Danny stops playing. He has become our 'Grass monitor'.

Danny and PersilOver 2012 Danny thrived. He went to stay with his best friend Persil and the two became as thick as theives.

He and Persil play and play, he canters around a lot which tells us his feet aren’t remotely sore any more.

They were grazing the sort of grass that any dairy farmer would regard as crap - brown, dry and sparse. In actual fact this is perfect for horses like Danny.

The addition of salt and GrazeEzy in his feed enabled Danny to be pain free and fighting fit all year.

Danny Boy


A Year of Extremes...

However during the Summer and Autumn of 2013, we had a year of extremes.

The intense dry gave way to a couple of days of rain in January which almost overnight caused signs of Danny's old problems returning.

The first sign was when he stopped playing. Next he lay down more than usual and finally we noticed he was a little stiff when he first started to move.

Even though there were the bare minimum of green shoots in his paddock we realised that this was enough to start the inflammation process in Danny's feet. He had to be removed completely from any blade grass which meant he had to live in our yard on hay for a few weeks until the grass dried off again.

We were amazed at how quickly Danny responded when we mixed about 30ml GrazeEzy with water and syringed it in to him. He was back walking soundly within hours after having been very sore on the hard ground.

Obviously, along with ensuring that his minerals (including salt and GrazeEzy) are kept up every day, keeping him off any new sprouts of grass at the first sign of rain is a MUST with Danny and horses like him. He copes very well on long 'old' grass or on very dry pasture but simply can not deal with new shoots.

In October 2013 Danny was a very patient weaning companion to Zephyr. The two of them had a lot of fun together and Danny did not stand for any nonsense!