Gentle Ben

Beautiful Ben had become aggressive at his previous owners property.

Apparently he had already been rescued once before.
He too was a ‘scrap-heap’ standard-bred who wasn’t fast enough.

Somehow he ended up totally neglected but was eventually acquired by some nice people who fed him and re-educated him as a riding horse.




Ben racing
Ben in his racing days.

jack after racing
After he was sacked from racing.

Not long after this, he was sold to the people who gave him to us - the trouble was, he had become extremely aggressive.

When we went to see him the cause was obvious, his paddock was full of red clover. He had become hard to catch, difficult to handle and had lost a lot of weight.

This was Ben's pasture grass! - Note the clover content.

Red clover contains phyto-estrogens which upset hormones and cause geldings to exhibit ‘stallion-like’ behaviour.
Don’t let your horses graze it!!!
If your paddock looks like this then spray with a broadleaf spray.

2011Ben thn again

April 2011 Thin again, hard to catch and difficult to handle when you did.

We were offered him for free as he had become too much of a problem and nobody could figure out benwhat was going on!

On top of all his agression problems and weight loss, he had terrible mud fever so the first thing to do was treat his mud-fever and trim his hooves.

Now Ben lives in our herd and gets on happily with all of the other horses.

Ben and Danny

ben on the track

Ben Now...


ben on the bridge

The photos above are of Ben back in work after a year off. He had only been back in work for a week - Ben on the tracklook how quiet and calm he is!

Because there was no more clover in his diet the mud-fever has not returned.

Ben also has extremely good feet - this is him charging around having fun on our track...

Ben's diet includes 2 Tbsp Salt, Premium NZ Horse Minerals, XtraCal.

ToxDefy and GrazeEzy are added when he is out on grass in the spring and Autumn.

Ben is now a stunning, lovely natured, healthy horse who thoroughly enjoys life in our herd.
He too has turned out to be a delight to have around, no clover, the correct Vits & Mins, no problem!

benand jacob








Ben is currently grazing with Cathy's herd along with Indy. His disposition is so sweet he now has a career as an Equine Therapy horse with Salta Horses.
He is one very happy horse.

PIC That awkward moment when the boss mare (Indy) tells you to get up off your lazy arse and get back to work ;-)