The ProvideIt HorsesIndy and Tawny

We're very proud of all our horses. They have been our greatest teachers. Some have been given to us when their owners could not cope with their 'issues' and some we bred ourselves.

Having so many horses was instrumental in teaching us that no two horses react the same way to imbalances and toxins in the grass however they all made remarkable recoveries once they were removed from the grass that was causing their issues and their mineral imbalance were addressed.

Some of the horses we have rescued are now ready to go to new homes - Jack and Nevada being two beautiful standardbreds whom we have put back into work and have been training so they are now going beautifully.

Of course the homes we are looking for are people who understand the principles of the ProvideIt Plan and are prepared to keep their horses this way. This is necessary as the reason the horses came to us with major problems in the first place was because they were not minerally balanced and we do not want to see this happen again. We can guarantee you a safe calm horse as long as they are kept this way.

If you would be interested in taking a ProvideIt horse, email us!


Our Ponies


Danny Boy

Our Connemara sweetheart in his mid twenties, with aDanny Boy history of Metabolic Syndrome, sore feet and Laminitis.

Everybody loves Danny but unfortunately we can not let him go to another home as he is very succeptable to changes in the grass and we have to be extra vigilant with him in Autumn and Winter.
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DimplesWas laminitic with a touch of cushings.

Dimples has come a long way from being a very sad laminitic pony with a huge shaggy coat to a spritely little pony who is in to everything.
We have some wonderful people not far from us who are currently looking after Dimples and Cherokee.
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Herd-bound, malnourished and miserable, Mystery was a mess when she came to us. Mystery is a gentle soul who potters around being the girlfriend of whichever gelding will put up with her. Generally she and Danny hang together.
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Persil and mePersil Beaucoup

Cathy Dee's best mate Persil Beaucoup - an Australian Stock horse with an ugly past, Persilis in his mid twenties now and enjoying being an 'Uncle' ProvideIt ambassador Zephyr Moo.
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Our Quarter Horses


Our poster girl!

Tawny suffered from breathing difficulties (Grass heaves) every time she got into any clover. Unfortunately Tawny hasn't had much riding as she had a terrible accident as a young horse which left her slightly lame.

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Tawny's Mother, Indy is in her twenties and will not be caught by strangers!

Another gentle soul...




Bred by Val, Handsome became a total monster on the wrong grass. On the ProvideIt Plan, he is a wonderful ride and real favourite of our 'Horseman' Jacob.






Jenny's main riding horses, Posh was once worried and scared of everything, quick to react and overly sensitive, even moderate sugar levels in grass or hay would send her 'nuts'.




Val's latest (and last) foal, Echo is a gorgeous little madam....







Little Missy

little missy






Merlot Moomerlot

Persil's girlfriend, Merlot gave birth to the indomitable Zephyr Moo in November last year.
Merlot is a gorgeous gentle soul who will go back into work when Zephyr is weaned around September.
You can follow Merlot's 2012 Pregnancy Diary here

The 'Others'.Starlight


Jenny's other riding horse, a quarter horse/Thoroughbred cross, Starlight started

tail Clamping - and hooning around the paddock, which led to her being grievously injured...

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JackGentle Ben

A big problem with Mud fever, ill thrift and aggression - all due to his high clover diet - look at him now!






Cherokee - an Appaloosa gelding with a mane and tail!. He was given to me by a very good friend from Southland because he had a seriously bad and prolonged bout of laminitis and she didn’t have a suitable ‘dry lot’ or grass-free area to prevent relapses when the grass became unsuitable in spring and autumn.



Zephyr MooLord LubbaDuck

Also known as Zephyr Moo, Zephyr is Merlot's boy.
Full of life and cheek, and always in trouble with his Mother, Zephyr is a favourite of everyone who meets him.


Zephyr even has his own blog...
The Zephyr Files



Burton Hoover

The new arrival - 12 quarter horse, 1/2 Tb the Hoover was a head flicker who Cathy has taken on to rehab. Watch his journey here...