Muscle SoreSore back

Tight, swollen muscles go hand in hand with not wanting to be touched, groomed or saddled and trouble with saddle-fitting.









Affected horses are often ‘sore across the loins’ and therefore may be diagnosed as having sacro-iliac problems or they are tight in their ham-strings and therefore appear ‘stiff’ behind, short-stepping, can’t canter properly, bunny-hopping and swapping leads behind on the lunge and even when being ridden in a straight line.




Chiropractic Treatment?

You will think you need the chiropractor or the physio who will undoubtedly find ‘sore’ spots.

Download and check off the Health Check, follow the recommended Diet Changes for a month to six weeks to eliminate mineral imbalances as a cause and then decide whether you need chiropractic or physiotherapeutic treatments.

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