Aggressive BehaviourAgresive behaviour


Horses are not born aggressive! They can become aggressive because...



The Grass

They are consuming ‘bad’ grass with clover, especially red clover, which affects their hormones. For example, this can cause geldings to exhibit stallion-like behaviour. People mistakenly think that the horse hasn’t been gelded properly, the vet is called, bloods are drawn but results prove otherwise.

Fighting boys


The mineral imbalances in the grass affect their peripheral nerve endings and they don’t want to be touched, groomed or saddled. This may start out with them quivering or twitching when you touch them or maybe you think ‘they don’t want their cover on’. May show up as girthiness.


You are ‘p.....g them off’!!
The communication between you and you horse is not good enough, he isn’t sure what you mean and you are making him feel wrong when you weren’t clear in the first place.

So what do I do now?