To improve feed quality A double action daily additive which containing Mycosorb to bind mycotoxins

 Myco-toxins are potentially very harmful to all livestock including horses. Whilst the liver is very efficient at denaturing toxins, chronic or overwhelming assault will lead to various health problems especially when compounded by mineral imbalances.

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What are myco-toxins?

Mycotoxins are produced by moulds or fungi in pasture and grains.

Sometimes, especially in spring, autumn or other warm, humid conditions you can see moulds growing on various plants and grasses but usually they are invisible.

Whether fungi produce myco-toxins or not depends on external conditions and whether they are stressed in some way (the combined effect of season, grass species, fertiliser applications and the weather).

Myco-toxins can very quickly affect the health and behaviour of animals ingesting them. They do not show up in blood tests.

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Ordering and Prices

1kg Powder AUS$49.00 inc GST + P&P (3 months for 1 horse)
2kg Powder  AUS$85.00 inc GST + P&P (6 months for 1 horse)
4kg Powder  AUS$140.00 inc GST + P&P (6 months for 2 horses)

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What does a toxin-binder do?

It binds toxins which may be present in the feed and thereby improves feed quality for your horses. Because it is impossible to predict their occurrence it is best to add a tried & true toxin-binder such as Tox-Defy to your horses feed all year round.


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