Quizzical's StoryQuizzical

Harvest Quizzical is an Australian Warmblood, out of an Aachen lines mare by Heyde Domezaar (Domherr). 

He is a 6 year old 15.3hh gelding with the sweetest, most people orientated nature.  He craves attention and has been known to gently extricate sugar cubes from the grip of small toddler's hands ever so carefully so as not to frighten. 

That is why his behaviour for 2011 and 2012 rang such alarm bells it had me getting advice from countless veterinarians, trainers, alternative therapists and eventually, thankfully,the Provide It Plan.







Quizzical's problems started in mid 2011 when he was relocated to a new agistment centre. 

The first thing I noticed was separation of the white line in his front 2 hooves, which we treated as road founder, since he had moved from a sand paddock to a hard clay paddock. 

Next he started developing "grass glands", swellings around his jawline after being in his paddock, which would disappear overnight when he was stabled but didn't appear to cause him any discomfort. 

He also began getting hoof abcesses, which grew increasingly frequent.

When spring arrived so did more problems.  He became jumpy to saddle, spooked at movement of the saddle flap or patting around his side and flank, and started having days where he was a bit spaced out and wide eyed. 

I noticed on the lunge that he was changing his lead behind, kicking out, bolting for no reason with a clamped tail and looked unsound. 

And so he was taken to the university vet for a full lameness workup, which was inconclusive but found mild lameness in both hind legs.  He was given 3 months off.


A Return to Work...

On returning to work he was no better.  The lameness seemed to change sides and he became increasingly more dangerous to work.  He did what we dubbed a "Camel", where he would throw his head up and bolt, often with twisting bucks included in the mix.  I came off him 4 times during mounting alone! 


He was ridden by a very highly regarded dressage and event rider for an opinion, who couldn't make the horse show his soreness under-saddle but felt there was something going on in his hind end. 

He was then taken to a very well regarded lameness vet who suspected neurological damage, but again all tests proved inconclusive.  Massage therapy and acupuncture also failed to find any specific injury, nor treat the symptoms.

He had further time off while we waited for more powerful x-ray and ultrasound machines to arrive from the USA, but still nothing serious enough to cause the symptoms was found.

Quiz was returned to work again in March 2012 and was amazingly sound!  He finally started to progress in his work, although we both lacked confidence and were a bit fragile - I didn't push the boundaries much! 

He then started to gradually decline again and I started to notice a pattern forming.  We would have a day of heavy rain followed by a day of sunshine, Quizzical would come in from grazing with "grass glands", perform his signature "camel" move, be unsound or kick out and then he would get a hoof abscess. 

The Breakthrough!

It was then that a friend finally suggested I contact Jenny Paterson and with her amazing advice, and the help of the ProvideIt Plan supplements, finally set my horse on the right track.

Quizzical has been on a new diet including GrazeEzy and Alleviate for 3 months now and everyone that knows him is extremely impressed and surprised by his progress! 

His training has been continuing at a good steady rate, his condition is better, he is developing muscles so well that we are back on the saddle hunt, he is happy and relaxed and we are building the trust back in our relationship.  This is the horse I knew 2 years ago!  He has started jumping, been on outings to clinics and to train at friend's arenas, and has competed in 3 dressage competitions (for 3 scores over 70%, 1 win and 3 places). 

I cannot thank Vicky Hansen and Jenny Paterson enough for the help they have given Quizzical and myself!  I am back to enjoying my rides, not being terrified, and am looking forward to the 2013 season and our future together!