Dachet Just Blue

Dachet is a very cheeky and talented, nine year old, grey mare with a Welsh B sire and a Percheron cross dam. 

Dachet was born under the expert and watchful eye of a group of excited children and one very nervous owner - Moi!! A gorgeous, jet black filly who showed all, right from the minute she hit the ground, this was not your ordinary little foal! 

No lying around as a newborn, nope!! Out and up was the beginning, with a dominance and confidence that was astounding! 

The following years have resulted in many stories told and re-told, head shaking, wonderment and disgust by both her ardent followers and those who are definitely not fans, often being instructed, in no uncertain terms, that Dash certainly was not worth the effort!!


Some of the Stories...

'Dash', as she is affectionately known, has jumped over fences, climbed through fences, crawled under fences, opened gates, jumped cattle grids and exited fully fenced dressage arenas - the latter with rider on board! 

Dash has cleared riders, horses, judges and bystanders from show rings, had the masses jump for cover, ensured major announcements - calling for said owner - were a common occurrence - with Dachet being recognised far and wide. 

An absolute photographer’s delight with both her ability and antics!
We have had showjump rings dismantled,  due to Princess Dash refusing to exit via exit point, been eliminated from events for refusing to enter said entry point,  only perform in one half of the dressage arena due to the 'ghosts, demons and zombies at the other end, making advancements, anywhere near said horrors, an impossibility! 

Dachet's most famous feat is, with rider on board,  planting her feet and refusing to move forwards, backwards, sideways, or anyways regardless of prompting, leading, bribing, threatening, scaring or any other means available! Once those feet are planted the statement has been made, the rider needs to dismount and the day has come to an abrupt halt!! 

Dachet has been sent packing from the show ring - by disgusted judges -  exited the show  jump ring half way through a course, regardless of rider's desires,  and refused, under no uncertain terms,  to exit the start gate of the cross country course. 

Dash will plant her feet before passing manure and does so every time the judge’s bell rings for the commencement of her round.  1.  Because it causes a huge stir, 2.  As it is inconvenient and 3.  Because she can!   There are judges within the local area who refuse to ring the bell when Dachet approaches the judges marquee as they are sick of  breathing in the fumes of her steaming pile!! - Remembering if there are three rounds in the one ring that is three nice fresh mounds right under the judges nose!!! 

Dash has woken the entire camp, of 100 plus people, on a week long trail ride when she decided that 3.00 a.m would be a great time to dismantle metal yards and investigate the entire camp site at a nice brisk canter, sending tents to the ground as guy ropes were severed! A quick fix with electric fencing didn't help because our clever pony knows that by getting a run up the pain is quick, the escape clean and chums free, just as a bonus! 

Through Fences...

Dachet has been hung up over a wooden post and  rail fence at 1.00 a.m at a masters comp, when all oldies were well and truly light headed from the festivities and, after half an hour of wondering what on earth to do, and tools ready to dismantle the beautiful, newly built yards, a bit of a wiggle and struggle and 'voila '  one free and, I might add, uninjured little miss - with the pretty little pony next door looking on as if to say, ' Didn't get me, ha, ha!!! '

I'll never forget the day I had the horse skull in the back of my, much loved, Land Rover Discovery - ready for a presentation - when Dash sighted it through the float window. Oh my goodness. The ghost, belonging to that poor deceased creature, was definitely swearing and cursing at Dash from the back of the car as we had to remove it from the vicinity, show princess it was no longer there, calm the frantic filly and then cajole her into re-entering the float. We had a feisty four legged equine terrified of the back of the car for weeks after!!!

Now, all that being said, Dachet has been incredibly successful in many areas of equine competition with a room dedicated to her photos,  ribbons,  sashes, trophies and garlands! Her dozens of rugs are also testament to her ability with wins including State Titles at Queensland Pony Club Jumping, Equitation, Puissance, State Dressage Teams, State Show Jumping Teams, Qld State Welsh Performance Horse of the Year, being selected for Pony Club National Championships in both Show Jumping and Dressage, (which we didn't attend due to having to travel to Perth) winning a National Welsh Achiever Award,  Supreme Show Hunter, numerous Zone titles in Jumping, Dressage and Combined Training, wins at gymkhanas, Hunter classes and In hand Show Hunter and hacking events. 

Dachet will give cuddles on command, shake 'hands' for a lolly and bow to her fans, however, I have one dream! - to compete in, and complete, an ODE!  Jumping is not the issue with Dash,  in the past she just refuses to go it alone on the cross country course even though the jumps may not even reach her knees.

The ProvideIt Change...

A few months back we were introduced to the Provide It products Alleviate, GrazeEzy, and Supreme by Vicky Hansen.  She also advised me to make some adjustments to the Princess Dachet's diet and stand back to see what would happen!!  Just goes to show the castastrophic consequences of too much green grass and not enough salt in a horse’s diet.  I can’t thank Vicky enough for her valued input and the recreation of my beautiful Dash.

'So what happened?', you may ask!! We currently have a pony that is not recognised!!! Dash is regularly being mistaken for her beautifully natured and quiet mother, totally being seen as a different horse - 'So who is this?' I am regularly being asked. 'When did you get a new horse?' I am being questioned. (And, I might add, the fact that Dash has become so white, losing her dapples and dark points has made the transformation, in to a completely new horse, all the more  believable!!) 

My vet congratulated me, this week, on the wonderful transformation as she injected my treasure with her Hendra vaccine without so much as a flinch. A little different to days gone by when twitching, tricking and a tribe of people on hand to enable a pin prick to the neck, with all aware of those flailing front legs as she stood up on the rear ones!! - Only select vets would even attend!!!

Unbelievably I was told recently, at a three day show, how lucky I was to own such a beautifully well behaved and quiet mare!!! WHAT? Are you serious? My cantankerous, but always affectionate, clever, talented, trick performing, stubborn, naughty, little grey mare? I'm not even sure I have the right horse. I love her to bits, have always loved her, have shed many tears in relation to her exasperating, frustrating and, at times even dangerous, behaviour, often thinking  she would have to become a paddock only 'pet',  however, this beautiful, easy to get along with,  delightful and willing mare I currently own? Priceless!!

Oh, and the ODE? Stay tuned!!